Cole Townsend is a product designer in 🍀 Boston.
He's creating thoughtful solutions for office workflow at 🏢 Robin.



Designing something new at 📅 Robin and preparing for 🏃 cross country season.




Design, front-end development

Formkeep Landing Page

Design, front-end development, illustration

Purple Train: Commuter Rail App

Mobile design

, Design Lead

Design, animation, front-end development

Past Activity


Wrote an article on Hacker Noon: Accept payments on your site with NextJS, Stripe, and Micro

Launched Design AF using Next.js.

Loved working as a product designer at 🤖 thoughtbot.

Made an OSX menubar app using the Strava API.

Worked on a React Native app using the MBTA Commuter Rail API 🚃.

Designed and coded a 🏀Dribbble app called Layups with Electron