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A little about me:

I majored in Art at Williams College and graduated in 2015. If you need proof, my favorite artist is Thomas Eakins. I joke with my parents and friends that I "didn't do anything with my major." But going to Williams forced me to learn how to research thoroughly, write well, and think critically. Surrounding myself with more intelligent and driven people humbled me. Studying Art History helped me develop visual literacy: the ability to understand or derive the meaning of images.

At first, I fell in love with design as a hobby. I freelanced for a year. Then, I worked at as a product designer on a variety of projects, with the goal creating a stronger design culture at the company. Now I'm doing the same at Robin. In my spare time, I work on Shoekicker.

In my off-work hours I'm running, and napping, or drinking coffee.


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